DNA Results – More Conflicting Information

Guess it’s fess up time. And why not do it on St. Patrick’s Day.


I am glad that I am participating in the Mastering Genealogical Proof discussion in the Dear MYRTLE’s Genealogy Community on Google+. I am going to need it, so that I can understand where this DNA results come from.

Here are my results.


27%. Where of where did that come from. 5% Great Britain? Looks like the Paper Trail of my research and the DNA results are in conflict. The earlier DNA (Y-DNA) also provided conflicting information.


4 Responses to DNA Results – More Conflicting Information

  1. Just remember: those percentages, given the limits of today’s science, are cocktail party conversation pieces and nothing more. Your Irish could be Scottish, or English (or vice versa)! We have a long way to go before those percentages mean anything reliable.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      You bet. Got it.

      There is a story here, some where, that I need to find. Actually, probably more stories.

      So far, the DNA hints have not gotten me anywhere either. But, as you say, “We have a long way to go”.

      Thank you,


  2. Laurie Haldeman-Lambe says:

    Hi, Russ.

    Regards to your DNA & the Iberian Peninsula & Ireland connection(s). Some of that Iberian Peninsula/Ireland connection could be because many of the Spanish Armada ships were blown off course and wrecked on the Irish coast. They intermingled with the ‘native’ Irish, many of whom had Viking ancestry. This could be where some of your ancestors picked up those lines of DNA.

    Of course, the DNA sample is only as good as the lab doing the testing. I don’t know anything about that, but have other people had the same kind of weird results?

    Laurie Haldeman-Lambe

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