Dates: Birth 1817
Places: Home in 1850: Southern Division, Davidson, North Carolina
Relationships: SPOUSE: Margaret Worthington (b.1823)
CHILDREN: James W Worthington (b.1847), John K Worthington (b. 1849)

I am researching the Worthingtons of North Carolina. Alston WORTHINGTON is the oldest ancestor I can find. And he is also my brickwall.

I have a tree on ancestry.com that I am open to sharing if there are folks who can help me continue my search of “where did I come from?”

Many thanks!

Ian Worthington
Raleigh, NC


Ian: Great Query !! good details. Thank you

I’ll have to look at two of my lines that headed south.

Let’s see if one of my readers and help you.



3 Responses to QUERY: Alston WORTHINGTON

  1. Christopher Lawrence says:

    Alston Worthington is almost certainly a descendant of Sir John Alston, one of the original founders of the Carolinas. Former President George “Dubya” Bush is a descendant of Sir John Alston through his mother, Barbara Pierce Bush. Alston descendants were among the most prominent land-owning families in early North Carolina. The South Carolina branch of the family sometimes spelled their name with two “L”s – Allston – but it is the same family.
    Russ Worthington found remarkable similarity of staircase architecture in an ancestral Worthington bome, compared to the famous staircase at Winterthur Museum, a staircase the Dupont family took from the North Carolina plantation “Montmorenci”, built by William Williams, whose mother was an Alston, and TWO of William’s wives were also Alstons.

  2. Christopher Lawrence says:

    If I find out more about Alston Worthington, I will add it here.

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