A Note from Facebook–22 May 2013

Patrick Lee Worthington

Dear Mr. Worthington:

I follow your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts on the various genealogy sites over the years. I descend from what the late David Reed referred to as the “Squirrel Hunting” Worthington’s. My direct ancestors are James Worthington (1781-1862) and Nancy McGraw (1781-1857). There is circumstantial evidence that we descend from Robert Worthington, the Quaker Immigrant, but, in my opinion, little else. Would it be OK to send you a friend request? Or do you prefer I join/follow a specific group on Facebook?

Mainly, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for all the work you’ve done helping ALL branches of the Worthington’s with their research.

Patrick Worthington,
Lexington, KY

Posted 22 May 2013 – just thought I would share that message here.


4 Responses to A Note from Facebook–22 May 2013

  1. What do you know about your Nancy McGraw? I have McGraws in my tree too. 🙂

    • Russ Worthington says:

      Genealogy Lady,

      I’ll have to look into the file I have for that Worthington Line. It’s not my direct line, but have researched it from time to time.

      This Nancy McGraw was both about 1781 in Pennsylvania and married James W Worthington before 1813 in Fayette County, Pa. She died 14 Oct 1857 and is buried in Hanging Rock, Lawrence County, Ohio. They has a bunch of children.

      Again, it’s been a while since I researched this line, but that is a brief summary on her. I have no details on her parents.


      • Hello Russ,

        My ancestor William McGraw was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in 1787. According to his biography in the Fayette County, Indiana book in the 1880s, his moved with his parents to Kentucky for a while, then Ohio, and he was an early settler in Indiana. He married his wife in Wayne County, Indiana in 1816. I do not know definitively who William’s father was but I suspect it may have been a John. William named one of his daughter’s Nancy. The name Frances also seems to be common in the family.

        • Russ Worthington says:


          This Worthington line followed that same line and ended up with Thomas Worthington being the 3rd Governor of Ohio. There is a book written about him AND I have been very near the home of this line of Worthington’s in Charles Town, Virginia … they were neighbors of George Washington.


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