09/11 Flight 93 Memorial

Another anniversary is here. We are reminded of what happened in New York and Washington, but not so much about Pennsylvania. Two years ago, Patti and I decided to take a trip to the Flight 93 National Memorial.


When we arrived, there was a delay for our entry into the Memorial area. What we didn’t know, was that President Obama was meeting with the families of those that died 10 years earlier, on that sacred ground.

The presidential choppers took off from a near by field, and we were allowed in. We passed many family members leaving as we walked in.  The press was there, of course, asking questions. but for many of us, it was a time to remember. Not necessarily for our family members, but for those who lost family on that day.


There are family members in the picture above.

Below, is the resting place for Flight 93. We would find out later, that our President put flowers on that sacred place.


The memorial was very plain, but appropriate. On this day, many people were taking pictures.


There were many stories, left behind.



Looking down the wall, which was the actual final flight path, beyond a wooden gate, was the mound of dirt, where the plane rested.


Of course the media was there, as you can tell by the satellite trucks on the hill


And the reporters ….



As with other memorial services, these bells were rung.


And motorcycles, many, many motorcycles, many with American Flags.


The entrance to the Memorial, with the wall just to the right of this picture.



3 Responses to 09/11 Flight 93 Memorial

  1. […] were two retweets by Midge Frazel, who lives in Massachusetts.  One is by Russ Worthington, about the memorial in Pennsylvania, honoring the memory of those who died in Flight #93, of which Todd Beamer was one (I recommend […]

  2. fred murphy says:

    Rus,it looks exciting & that you are doing an fine job.This is Fred Murphy Chars husband. I’m sorry to tell you this but Char passed away July 20 in Orange City Veterans Blvd. at HOSPICE center.If you want any further info 386 822 4740. Sincerely Fred Murphy.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Yes, I am aware. Patti and I send our deepest sympathy to you and your family. I have been keeping with your family on Facebook. I have posted a couple pictures from our adventure with David Read in 1999.

      Thank you for the note and all the best to you and your family. You (all) continue to be in our prayers.


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