AncestryDNA Results are in

OK, now I am really confused.

I just got back my results from my 2nd DNA tests from My first set put me in Haplpgroup J2B. Now I realize that this is my male ancestry, but the location of the 20,000 year line, is in present day Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Syria, and Iraq.


That was a shock, in and of of itself. But the 20,000 year mark so, “Oh, OK” to me. I didn’t find that very helpful. Nor did I find any “hints” as to who I might be related to on Ancestry.

Technology changes, and in the area of DNA, it too changed. Having attended a number of Webinars on DNA, and listening to a presentation at Roots Tech 2013, I had another set of tests run. They were in my “in box” before I had my 2nd sip of coffee, let alone my 1st cup of coffee.

Completely DIFFERENT results, as far as location. The major difference in the results were that these had ethnic information.


Scandinavian 44% ?? I get the 23% British Isles, as that is where the Worthington Surname appears to have started, back in the 1300’s.

With the results were a series of links to people, who have their trees online at, so now it review time. It also means that I have to learning to do, to fully understand the difference.

To me, the J2B results “aren’t on the map” in these new results. I am guessing that the new testing is not “ancient”, but the timeframe covered in the new results is something less then 20,000 years.


4 Responses to AncestryDNA Results are in

  1. Eileen Souza says:

    Those Vikings have a lot to answer for.

  2. I had the same surprise on my test when I saw 70% Scandinavian. I’ve barely crossed the pond from America, let alone trying to figure out how Scandinavian DNA fits in! I might never know.

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