NE Genea-Bloggers gathering at NERGC

Made a quick trip to the New England Regional Genealogy Conference  yesterday, to catch up from with some genealogy friends, learn something, and to participate in a Special Interest Group gathering to talk about blogging. Too many Genea-Bloggers for me to list who all was there, because I know that I would miss someone.

A few pictures of the “group” as we started to gather. The room wasn’t a good place for pictures of the whole group, but here are a couple pictures with some comments thrown in.


For example, there are a couple of experienced Bloggers shown above, a “newbee” (at the time of this picture was not YET a blogger), others with websites, and the conversation began.


Our hostess, Heather Wilkinson Rojo of led the group discussion. Each participant talked a little about their blog experience or website experience while others shared their interest in blogging.


The group shared how they got started, talked about the various blogging “platforms”, what to look for when starting to blog, how to handle comments, very much a Community Collaboration on the topic of Blogging, especially in genealogy blogging. Clearly a wide range of experience.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t a new blog or two, even now only a couple of hours after this gathering, that are either started or about to start in our community.

What a great evening !!!


Thanks to ALL who shared their experience.

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