Technical Tuesday–A thought about your Google+ Tag Line

Should we join Google+ ?

Should Google+ be in our genealogy tool box?

Can we find new cousin’s or family historians on Google+?


The answer for me is Yes!


Here is my experience.

I have been on Google+ for a while. I enjoy reading the folks that I follow, when they post information on Google+. I have created several Google+ circles. Not my topic today, but why do I add people to one of my Circles? So that I can follow them. The common interest for me is Genealogy or Family History Research. So, over time I have a number of people in my circles.

Recently, Google+ created “Communities”. I belong to a number of them, but my favorite is the Dear MYRTLE’s Genealogy Community.

The community continues to grow, but am I interested in adding any of the members in that community to my one of my circles. I don’t know about you, but I have a limited amount of time reading every post that is made, so I limit the number of people I add to my circles or that I follow.

In the Dear MYRTLE’s Genealogy Community, I look at the member of that community and see who might have the same interests as I do. How WE are presented on Google+ becomes important here.

Rather then write about it, let me show you.

If you go to the Dear MYRTLE’s Genealogy Community 

You will see the list of the members in this community.


Clicking on the link called members you will see a list of the members, with a small bit of information about that person.


I have blanked out the names of the people and their image, as that isn’t important, What IS important, for me at least, is the information that is just below their name.

Mine says “I collect ancestors and try to find and tell their stories”. The wording isn’t important, but I do have (at least) two interests, and they are the main reasons that I am on Google+. But the limit in the number of words needs to be understood. What key words are YOU looking for. The first example says “Genealogist, writer, editor”. Genealogist got my attention. The 2nd one that is in red also has Genealogist. I have added both to my Genealogy Circle. The 2nd person in my Genealogy circle is someone who I know, but hasn’t put anything in the field that I will show next.

Go to your Profile Page, and About tab, that TAGLINE, on the right, is where you put in a couple of key words that reflect YOUR interests


This could be gardening, quilting, playing bridge, photography, etc. When someone puts you into one of their circles, you will receive a notice of that happening. I just don’t accept or just follow that person, I will click on the link for in the email, and look at their Tagline. If it’s blank, chances are, that is as far as I go.

BUT, look at what else you can include IF someone checks your About page. My surname list is there as well as some location’s that I research.

For me, the Tagline gets my attention, or not, then I can dig a little deeper to see what else is on the About page. It’s a great place to share your surnames and/or locations.

What does your Tagline say?

What else do you have on your About page?


2 Responses to Technical Tuesday–A thought about your Google+ Tag Line

  1. Laurie says:

    Thank you, Russ!! Frankly, I never bothered with that Tagline because I: (1) Didn’t see it! (Ack! Hate to admit that.); (2) Didn’t think it mattered. SO glad you disabused me of both of those ideas. Promptly went & filled it in. Now doing the happy dance. 🙂

    • Laurie,

      Not a problem at all. Lots of folk are joining Google+, so thought I would share my experience with another tool, in my Genealogy Tool Box.

      May others join in the Happy Dance.

      Thank you,


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