2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 3 Revisit Source

Posted earlier the data entry phase and the first step in the analysis phase of Dear MYRTLEs 2013 Docu-Challenge #1

2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 2 First Step in Analysis

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During my Data Entry phase, I had remembered two entries that were not listed in Part 2. Those entries were the “witnesses” to the marriage. So, I went back to my source to take another look.

Here is a screen capture of the heading of the page, to show Werrington vs Warrington for the location.


Here is the top of the Digital Image


I am not a handwriting expert, but that looks like Warrington.

This information has already been entered into Evidentia. But, back to the review of the No. 107 entry on that page is this information.


In the Prefence of:

Here is one clue that may be helpful in the future, and that is the first witness of William Bickle. Is this a brother, father, or another family member? We are still in the data entry mode, and the beginning of the data analysis. Also, the 2nd witness is that of Daniel Prior, who, like Sarah Bickle used the “X”, with the name entered as “the mark of ….”. This same gentlemen was also a witness on No. 108, again as a witness to a December 1833 wedding.

I added these two new pieces of information to my file in Evidentia, and added the Subject and Claim Type. I created a Claim Type of Witness for Daniel, and added the Parent Claim Type for William Bickle. This entry may have to be changed later, after more data is found in other sources.


All this is trying to point out, is re-check your source or sources as you begin the Analysis of the Evidence that is found.


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