2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 2 First Step in Analysis

Earlier, I posted:

2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 1 Data Entry

Dear MYRTLE posted a blog with a Challenge for users of Evidentia, an Evidenced based software program.


The data from this source has been entered. The next step is the beginning of the Evaluation of the data. For Evidentia to help us, be assign “Subjects” and “Claim Types” for the Entries that were done in the earlier step.

For example, the first Claim is that William Warren was from “this parish”. So that I didn’t have to remember what “this parish” (actually parifh) was, I entered “(Warrington)” and consider this claim to be where he resided. That may be a stretch but I am guessing that he lived close to this Parish. We may find in other sources that to be true or not true, but that is how I read this claim.

Double clicking in the Subject field on the Catelogue Claim menu a window opens where the Subject Name and Claim Type is entered.



This is the first time that I am using this name, I enter William Warren in the Subject Name, and start to enter Residence, and Residence appears.

The next time I want to use that SAME name, as I believe that it is the same person, I will use the pull down menu on the Right of the Subject Name field.



However, IF I forget, and type in the name twice, I can merge the two entries by going to the Evidentia List Manager, select the first time the name appears, click on Merge, then select the 2nd entry, and the Merge again. This will merge the Subject keeping any claims together.




Back to the Subject / Claim Type, I entered Sarah Bickle (first time use) and Residence, as was done for William.

The next entry was a Marriage Claim for both of them. William was selected first, added Marriage, then at the bottom of that window selected New Claim, select Sarah and Marriage again. The Claim contained the date of marriage.



Then I entered Thomas Waddon Martya, Curate and the Marriage Claim, in that he performed the marriage. In reality, I also put William and Sarah in the same entry as Thomas. The reason will become clearer when further evaluation is done.

At this point, each of the claim from the Data Entry step has a Subject (person) and an event.



Further analysis to follow.


2 Responses to 2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 2 First Step in Analysis

  1. rjseaver says:

    Great series started, Russ – I’m looking forward to more demonstrations of the Evidentia process and results.

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