The Whitall House

I have been following a Blog, Historic Places in South Jersey, for some time and have been in contact with the Blogger. Afterall, she is a docent at my 5th Great Grandparents home. Yesterday, Sunday, I noticed this entry.

Gee, a Genealogy Day at the Whitall House.


Quickly had Patti text to Carrie, to let her know what I was doing, showered, and out the door in record time. Once again, I am reminded how nice it is go live within 4 or 5 hours from where my ancestors lived. This one is about 1 1/2 hours away.

My first item on the agenda was to meet my blogger buddy. Found her in the “hospital”.


Finally, got to meet her in person. Way cool.

Carrie arrived, and the fun began. We went back to the “hospital” and introduced Carrie to the “nurse”.

This room was presenting what the room may have looked like, during the battle that took place at Fort Mercer, right next door. Ann Cooper Whitall opened the house to “both sides”. This, as I understand it, would not allow Carrie to join the DAR, due to recent activities that took Ann Cooper Whitall from being a Patriot, as she took in both the both sides of the war.


In the next room, we would meet “new cousins”. A gentleman and HIS daughter, for the same reason, visiting our Ancestors home.


We are in the “front room” with the “hospital” behind us. We would spend the next hour or so, walking through the Whitall House, sharing stories.

More photos can be seen here:

Now to begin our journey in sharing our research and see how we are related. We are descendants of James (1716-1797) and Ann Cooper Whitall (1717-1808).

One item of interest, is that Ann Cooper Whitall kept a Diary and it was on display.


More information on this historic place can be found here>

What a great day !!!


10 Responses to The Whitall House

  1. Wow! What a cool day. I’m having a hard time imagining that someone helped BOTH sides in the war! Seems like they would have had the war going on right inside the house!

    • Michelle,

      The key, they were Quakers.

      One of the pictures that I put on Flickr, was from the windows in the attic, where you can see where Fort Mercer was. So, the battle was to the right, looking at the House.

      The story goes, that Ann Cooper Whitall was sitting at her spinning wheel, and a canon ball came through the wall behind her. (I have a picture of that wall). She picked up the spinning wheel and took it to the basement. Then opened her house to the wounded.

      There is another Fort, Fort Mifflin, across the Delaware River and between the two Forts, they had chains to keep the British from coming up the river to Philadelphia. I think I have pictures of Fort Mifflin on my Flickr page.

      It was a great day and thank you for your comments.


  2. Barb says:

    Sounds like you had a great time Russ. Two quick things, I saw the mention of South Jersey, never heard that term, but just recently saw than somebody in my tree was born there, where about is that? And regarding patriots on both sides, my Moses Westover was a Rev. War patriot (DAR certified), and a Loyalist, just letting you know, so it is possible.

    • Barb,

      “South Jersey” for some mean different things. If you are from NY, South Jersey is somewhere below I-78, according to NYC Radio Stations. Others consider it Burlington County and south, like below Trenton. My view is the later. You may have also heard, West Jersey. That is a historical term.

      There were a couple of folks from the DAR at the Whitall House. She is a descendant of Ann Cooper Whitall and has been told that she can no longer use Ann C. Whitall. Apparently a recent decision.

      If you need help with “South Jersey”, please let me know.

      Thank you,


  3. James and Ann are my 5th great grandparent as well, through daughter Hannah who married into the Wilkins family.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Do you live in NJ?

      Will have to follow up when I get home in a couple of days so we can see how we connect.


      • Wendy Wilkins Valdez says:

        I am in NJ. Born and raised in Gloucester County and now live in Gloucester City, Camden County. My mother’s great aunt also married into the same family, but I’m only related to their descendents. BelIeve it or not, I have never been to the Whitall house. I didn’t know I was a descendant until last year when I finally broke through my Wilkins brick wall showing me the connection.

        • Russ Worthington says:


          Did you know anyone in the Pictures in the blog post?

          You haven’t visited the Whitall House ??? (just kidding). We’ll have to plan a visit. It’s a great place to visit.

          Thank you,


  4. TCC says:

    Hi! I am trying to see if there is a link to my family. I have Sarah Whitall, d. 1745, who married George Avis. They lived in Oldmans Creek in Gloucester. I see that James Whitall had a daughter, Sarah. Do you know if they are the same person?


    • Russ Worthington says:


      Sarah, daughter of James and Ann Cooper Whitall, was born 06 Dec 1754 and would marry John Murdoch. I have several other Sara Whitall’s but none married to George Avis.

      But, that is only based on my research. There may be a connection to this Whitall line, but I haven’t made that connection, yet.


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