A Worthington Family Reunion


I didn’t know what to expect when I went on this adventure, but what the heck, it was to an area of Maryland that I have visited before but hadn’t spent much time learning about the area, nor the people who lived there. My ancestry spent a couple of generations living in Harford County, Maryland, but then moved to Philadelphia. I have visited Deer Creek in Darlington (just up the road a bit), and I realized that I really haven’t spent time researching the area.

Having read about this Worthington Family Reunion in a recent Worthington news letter, I decided, with permission, to be a part of this reunion. Afterall, we were related. Indeed, we were and are related. A colleague and Worthington researcher, who was NOT able to attend, sent along some information about HOW we were related. In fact, I had information on this specific branch of the family already in my database.

SteppingStone, the name of the property, was a beautiful place to hold this reunion.







Too many names to remember, but clearly they were / are Family. One gentlemen I met was born in one of these buildings. I think it was the first house above. I didn’t get into the details, as this clearly was a family picnic and reunion.

I didn’t get any research information for my files, as I know who to get that information from. In fact, I met the sister of the person who I received much of the information that I had in my file, on this branch, back in 1998 via Email and to meet her sister was awesome. (Yeah, Source material and Citations).

There was a genealogist in the group and we spent time chatting about our research. Both with Ancestry Member Trees, online, so we had access to your research information. That conversation will take place via email and will continue to connect the dots.

At this point, I intend on attending next year, but will be far better prepared for it, now that I know how were are related. (6th Cousins). In the group, there were probably a number of 1 or 2 times removed from 6th cousins, as there appeared to be 2, if not 3 generations, all descended from William Evans Worthington (1855-1940) and Louise Green. Lots of dots to connect.

There was one Family Bible that was packed with family history. I do hope that some one in the family captures that data and makes it available for others in the future.

I do admit that I was not prepared for such a visit, but I didn’t know what to expect, but will be far better prepared next time. I will say that it was AWESOME to be able to have a Family Reunion and Picnic on the Property of an Ancestor with so many descendants. Congratulations cousins.


4 Responses to A Worthington Family Reunion

  1. I love family reunions! I went to the Caverly Reunion two years ago, even though my Caverly line daughtered out in 1715! The Caverlys had been begging for me to attend for many years. I was reluctant, but glad I went. I found many, many cousins to share information with, and like you found, a family bible and also a big photo album. In my case I encouraged one of them to scan everything, but I also offered my Flip Pal (didn’t need it because someone did it on a flatbed after the reunion). I also found a Caverly who was a longtime volunteer at the NH state vital records, so now I have an “inside person” to meet up with when I go to that repository! Since then I’ve attended SIX family reunions, and none of them were WILKINSONS.

    • Heather,

      I had my FlipPal with me, just in case, but there was a genealogist, who recently attended the Boston University program, who also works at a local historical society, so I think that issue will be taken care of.

      I have attended a number of my own Family Reunions, but like this one, it was more about picnic and eating, but have missed them since we haven’t had any recently.

      I am glad I went.

      Thank you,


  2. Sharon says:

    SteppingStone is an absolutely gorgeous property. Glad you all had fun and now have wonderful memories of time together in such a beautiful setting.


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