War of 1812 (as lived in 2012)

As we remember the War of 1812, I took yesterday to “relive”, if you can do that, a piece of that war.


I went to Boston for OpSail 2012 Boston. Little did I know that I would have a history lesson in that War. The history lesson was on board the Pride of Baltimore II.


The Captain of the trip told the passengers of the role of this type of “ship” in the War of 1812. Although the Bride of Baltimore II was not part of that war, but vessels in the style of this ship WAS part of that war.

Was we sailed into Boston Harbor, we joined other sailing vessels in the Parade of Tall Ships.

Several of the Tall Ships are current training vessels for current navies around the world. One of while is ‘America’s Tall Ship”, the US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle.


Traditional firing of the Canon was shared between vessels.


But another “tradition” among “Ships of War” was that of the Fire Boat. The tradition of ships returning from War were greeted by Fire Boats. The USCGC Halfmoon (WHEC-378) had a welcome home on January 22, 1968.


The Pride of Baltimore II, although not involved with any war, was greeted as a replica of a vessel that took part in the War of 1812.


4 Responses to War of 1812 (as lived in 2012)

  1. Lori Lyn Price says:

    Very fun. I thought about trying to get into Boston to see the tall ships and some activities in HarborFest, but not sure that I will.

  2. So glad you could make this trip and participate in this event. You know what it is to be aboard ship during wartime, with your Viet Nam service, cousin. Your pictures are beautiful, but in this case speak more than 10,000 words. You know what it was like to be far from home with little protection between you and the enemy. For you this 1812 “reliving” was also a personal journey. Thank you to our common ancestors who fought to preserve our nation, and to you cousin – in the cause if freedom.

    • Dear MYRTLE (and Cousin),

      Thank you for your comments. What I didn’t say, is the importance of the Fire Boat, in Boston and with the Halfmoon in New York, and the navel tradition behind that. The crew of the Halfmoon, in 1968, were honored by that tradition, being honored by returning from a WAR. Something to other veterans from the WAR in Vietnam weren’t. That single Fire Boat, in 1968 DID have a positive impact on the crew of the Halfmoon. How many Naval Vessels were so honored by our many WARS. So, yes, it was a personal journey.

      Now to Identify any relatives who were in the War of 1812.


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