1940 Census–Marshall Darlington Strode

There have been a number of Walnut Street houses, at least the South Walnut street area, but we’ll move north about 10 blocks. This next house was the largest of the group so far. Marshall Darlington Strode was my 1st cousin, twice removed.

Three ‘surnames’ in one name, is of interest, certainly the Darlington / Strode connection, but Marshall as a given name is also through out my tree. “Just down the road a piece” is Marshallton. Wonder if there is a connection there?

At this point, this household was at this address in the 1940 Census, but the family was there in 1935 according to the 1940 Census information.


All four members of the household had college education.


Could not get a ‘tree less’ or fewer trees to see the beauty of this house.


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