In Search of … The 1940 Census Records


I learned early this morning, before the coffee had completely finished brewing, that had loaded some 1940 Census Records.

My Preparation work had paid off. When I went to get some shut-eye a few hours earlier, I had printed my 9 page Who to Search for, and Where, and it was sitting on the keyboard when went to Here I thought I would have a couple of hours before the images were there. So, I am glad I had that print out ready to go. had Virgin Islands, Rhode Island, Panama Canal, Nevada, Maine, Indiana, Guam, District of Columbia, Delaware, and American Samoa.

I remembered that I had a family in the 1930 Census at Fort Amador, Balboa District, Panama Canal Zone. I don’t know much about this family, so really didn’t know IF I would find anything about them. 60 pages of images later, nothing. Not a big deal.

I know that a cousin, David Reed, lived in DC and that there is a Worthington house in Georgetown. So, to the District of Columbia records I went.

Could not find the street address in the Enumeration District where the house is located. Found surrounding streets, but not this one. Will look for that house later. Just trying to see who lived in it in 1940.

Some of you may remember David Reed. He and I went back and forth on a Worthington Email list for a number of years. Some of the Worthington researchers may remember a gathering at the Monocacy Battle Ground, in Frederick, where the Worthington House Trail was open and David was the guest speaker. It was his Grandfather, Judge Glenn Howard Worthington who wrote a book about his Civil War Experience.

I had David’s address before he passed away, so I looked to see if he was in that house in the 1940 Census. Found the house, saw it on Google Earth, but another family was living there at the time.

Don’t have others in the loaded 1940 Census Records yet, so I did a batch of Indexing, just to get back in the hang of that, while I wait.

The 1940 Census Records, as of this moment, are not available for us to index.

My 9 page report is almost complete with the 1930 Locations, addresses and ED listing, and hand written 1940 ED listings are almost done. Back to Steve Morse’s website to identify the rest.


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