1940 Census–2 Found, 1 Missing, 1 Miss Named

I actually found my mother twice, which was interesting. I went to where her parents had been living, and I thought they would still be there. But I didn’t know when my grandparents moved “in to town”.

My grandfather was listed, but his wife’s name was listed as my mother, but with her mothers age.

What was very interesting is the my Aunt was NOT listed at all.


House in 1929

Now, that’s not a small house, and about where this picture was taken is a Barn (Baldwin Book Barn). At least once census record had a maid living in the house.

An excuse to check in with my aunt, I called and asked where she was in 1940, and as expected, “in junior high school”. Not listed anywhere.

I found my parents, and confirmed by my aunt, that they were living in an apartment “in town”. I am guessing that they were living there, while my dad was building his house.

Note to self: get the house building Photo’s digitized

Lesson Learned: The few extra steps in preparing for this day, has paid off.

I have probably been through 100+ Census Images, and of course the ones I wanted were at the end of the Enumeration District. But “we’re good to go” for some more looking at images.


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