WikiTree – Public View

There are two (2) views of your Profile. The Public View, which you can see in this Blog Post:


and Private View.

Based on the permissions that you have, you will be able to see your Profile, in the Private View. This is where the details are that only those with the correct permissions can see.

Here is Public View:

I have blocked out the details, but with access, you will see your details. This is from the Right Button that says Profile, Private View.

First, note the picture. We have the ability to upload photos. That is done from the Photo ICON. (more details on that later).

To see other people in your family, there are links on the Left that will allow you to view other profiles. Again, the details are controlled by your permissions. As mentioned before, there is a link on the Left that will allow you to send me an email for that permission.

However, you can Add people to your profile, if they aren’t already listed. For example “add sibling” or “add child”. This will give you the ability to Add new people. to your profile.

The data entry screen will be in another Blog post.

It’s important to mention here, that I will suggest that you change the Privacy Setting (instructions to follow) if you add a new, living person. Living persons are made private, but for now, in this Tree, I will suggest that you make it private.

There is a lot of ways to navigate from this screen for updates.


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