WikiTree–Edit Tab

Here is the screen where data is reviewed, edited, and updated. It’s the Edit Button:


The top will remind you whose Profile you are going to Edit. Remember that you can only Edit those Profiles that you have permission to Edit. If you think you should have those capabilities, please send me an email.

There are two pieces or sides of this screen. The Edit Data for the Person and Edit Family.

First the Edit Data: (the Person’s name is at the top, just above the menu.


Each of the fields, if possible, should be filled in as completely as possible. Of course, if the person is still alive, then the Death information would be left blank.

In many cases, this information will already be filled in IF I have that information. The purpose of this project, is a way for me to complete the information for my genealogy database, from what the book will be written.

Let me talk about these fields:

Prefix: This would be for a formal title. The Rev., Dr., type of titles.

Proper First Name: This would be the formal first name

Preferred Name: I go by Russ, so that would be what is in my Preferred name.

Middle Name: Formal Middle Name if you have one

Last Name at Birth: The Birth Surname.

Current Last Name: This would be for Married Last Names. As the field indicates your Current Last Name

Suffix: Jr, III, IV, 2nd, would be appropriate.

Birth Date:

Birth Place: as complete as you know it, which would include City/Town, County, and State. As much as you know.

Death Date: as appropriate

Death Place: as appropriate. Again, as complete as possible.

Gender: (menu)

E-Mail Address: This should be filled in. IF it is Blank, and you enter an Email Address, an Invitation Email will be sent as described here:

WikiTree–Email Invitation

When this screen is complete, I suggest that you return to the Privacy Tab at the top of the page:


Near the Top of that screen is the Private ICON. Select that ICON, and a dot will be filled in.


Private: Strictly limited public information. Only the Trusted List can viw or edit the full profile. The default for living people 13 and over, and for non-living people when they’re added as nuclear relatives of living people.

The other side of the Screen is the Family.


There are links to Edit each of the listed people, and a place to Add anyone who is missing. If there are No additional Siblings or Children, there is a box to check.

If you Add a new person, you will be able to Edit that Profile and a screen, similar to the one at the top will appear, except, it will be blank.

This is where I want to Thank You in advance to completing this important task.


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