WikiTree – Honor Code

I think that it’s important that folks joining me on this WikiTree journey, take a few minutes to read the WikiTree Honor Code. Please read it.

I’ll point out the opening paragraph:

WikiTree is free, but it’s not a free-for-all.

If you were invited by a family member and are just creating or editing a few private family profiles, the following doesn’t much apply. Those who participate at a higher level become part of our wiki genealogy community. Our community is creating something special: a worldwide family tree that will make genealogy free and accessible for everyone. This grand project requires mutual trust and a common understanding of how the community works.

So for this project, and the way I am attempting to do this, it may not be as important, but I am suggesting that the Family Take a minute to read the page

The Link again is:

More Information

You can discuss this Honor Code on our community’s Facebook page. For help see how to use WikiTree.

Here is more about WikiTree including its mission and organization. Here is more about the community.

Whereas this code is like a pledge that community members make to each other, the creators and hosts of WikiTree have also made a pledge: to keep WikiTree free.

There is also a link on the bottom of each screen on the Web Site.


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