QUERY: Bessie Worthington


I wonder whether you have any information about Bessie Worthington, daughter of Henry Fraser Worthington.

She married James O’Hara Murray in 1894. James worked for Henry Rossiter Worthington as a mechanical engineer based in Europe – mostly Berlin. James married again in 1898 and is described as a widower on the marriage certificate so it sees Bessie not have a long life.

Any info very gratefully received!




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  1. Julie Tomlinson says:

    hi not sure if I`m right or not but my name is Julie Tomlinson my mum is Jacqueline Tomlinson nee Worthington we are from Stockport in England my grandad was called Fred Allan Worthington his parents were Thomas Morton Worthington and Catherine Worthingthon my grandad had a sister called Bessie and if i`m not mistaken my grandad`s grandma was also called Bessie. also my grandma Sadie [Sarah] Worthington also her Maden name was Worthington also from Stockport and if I am right in thinking someone in the family married somebody with the surname o`hara. as some of my grandad`s family went to live in America and
    Australia my email is j.tomlinson68.jt@gmail.com if i am wrong im am sorry for bothering you its just that i want find my family tree. best wishes. julie.xx

  2. Anne McCarroll says:

    My grandmother was a friend of Bessie Worthington. I have two photographs of Bessie and James O’Hara Murray in 1892, Menton, France. It would appear that they had recently met and formed an attachment.
    I knew that Bessie and James had married. Several years ago discovered a short letter from James to my grandfather wherein he mentions that Bessie had died and that he has remarried the the renowned singer, The Great Nikita ( Louisa Margaret NIcholson). I have since mislaid the letter but on reading you post I remembered that he had written from Charlottenburg in Germany.
    I searched Ancestry to see if I could find her death and found it under the name Duncan Murray ( Bessie’s second name was Duncan) She died on 5th December 1896. The death is listed under Berlin, Germany, Selected deaths, 1874 -1920 (in German)
    I hope this information will be of some help to you.
    Best regards,


    • Russ Worthington says:


      Hopefully you will have made a “cousin connection” with your information.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. gill lake says:

    Dear Anne
    The information you provided was brilliant – we had not seen the photographs before. I came across the Bessie / James story when researching my friends history. Hylda Blendel was James’ 4th (yes 4th!) wife and my friends great aunt. As a result I made contact with Robin O’Hara Murray – James’ grandson. James was a fascinating character, born in Barbados, married Bessie, then the opera singer, then a German tennis player and finally Hylda who years 25 years his junior. He died in 1943 on the Isle of Wight, UK.

    Bessie’s sister Valerie married Langdon Haywood Roper in 1912 but I don’t know whether there were any relatives through her line.

    I’m sorry not to have replied sooner but for some reason I did not see it until recently.

    Thanks again

    • Anne says:

      Dear Gill,

      I’m delighted that you found the information and photographs interesting. I decided to do the mini family tree for Bessie on Ancestry so that I could make my grandfather’s photographs available to anyone interested In Bessie’s family history.

      I didn’t know that James had married a German tennis player, after the Great Nikita. He does indeed seem to have been a fascinating character with great personal charm!

      Some years ago I came across a website about Ruhleben and found that he had been an internee there during the first world war, and had been one of the tennis organisers for the camp internees.

      I don’t think that Valerie had any children as I could not find any listed in the census returns for herself and her husband.

      Best regards,

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