Open Thread Thursday: Does The Official Blogger Concept Need Updating?

Mr. Genea-Blogger, Thomas MacEntee posted this subject on the GeneaBlogger’s Blog.

I do hope that you read his post.

Having gone to RootsTech 2012 earlier this month and having followed “Official Bloggers” for the past couple of years, I agree with the concept and how it has been executed. The Official Bloggers have and do lots of great work for the Genea-Blogging community.

I wasn’t sure how I would fit in, with the “Official Blogger” group while I was preparing to go, but certainly felt part of the Genea-Blogging community in person and have felt part of that community while Online.

Watching the Official Group, they worked hard at letting the rest of the Genealogy community know what was happening. They were our News Reporters and I , for one, think they did a great job.

Thomas proposed a “Towards A Better Official Blogger Concept”.

Does it need to Change? Don’t know for sure, I would only suggest that when appropriate there be a rotation, by conference, of the “Official” group, but to give members of that group a break and open an opportunity for others to step in.

I can see what Thomas was talking about, in the “dislike about” piece of his blog, but I didn’t experience those items and haven’t.

A note of THANKS for the Official Bloggers, but also the Un-Official Group. The wide range of views from Roots Tech 2012 was very helpful. Even though I was there, the Blogging Community broaden the experience.

For me, the Genea-Bloggers are a community builders. The sharing and welcoming MADE Roots Tech 2012 for me. Meeting the 80+ Genea-Bloggers, in person …. PRICELESS.


2 Responses to Open Thread Thursday: Does The Official Blogger Concept Need Updating?

  1. Jenna says:

    I like the official blogger concept and think its very valuable to the conferences as well as to the entire blogging community. Frankly I’m surprised some find it to be cliquish, I have felt nothing but welcomed from those who have been “official”. I would like this method to continue.

    • Jenna,

      Me too. I did not feel like an outsider, in fact, I didn’t see or feel that there was any difference between the unofficial group and the official group. Certainly they had perks, but they also did a whole heck of a lot of work while they were there.

      Thank you for your comment.


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