Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner – Sketch

It  wasn’t so long ago, that I thought that Flip-Pal was the best thing since sliced bread. Haven’t changed my opinion too much, but, I just returned from Roots Tech 2012, with the best thing since sliced bread.


The new “toy” is Flip-Pal Sketch. The Sketch comes with a WET Pen, and the Sketch comes protected.


Pretty simple. The Wet Marker Pen is important, for cleaning purposes. A dam cloth is used to gently clean notes off Sketch. Dry thoroughly.

Here is a picture of the Flip-Pal, instructions for Sketch, and Sketch still protected with the WET Marker Pen. In this case, the Flip-Pal is open.


Below the Flip-Pal cover is closed.


I have a picture that is marked on the back, (very lucky to have that) but which order are the people on the photo?


The Date is there (barely) with the names. Here is where Sketch comes to play. OR what if the photo is not marked on the back. You lay Sketch right on top of the photo, add the Date, and names right over the image, Scan with Flip-Pal with the cover off and upside down directly onto the picture.


The red circles show the names and date. Remove Sketch, and scan again.

SCAN0222 (2)

Then, with your photo editing program, you can add the names and dates with the photo.

I purchased two Sketch Kits, for two reasons. 1) I will be marking up the “next” photo, while the first two scans are being done, and 2) allow Sketch to dry completely.

This was my first practice with Sketch, and will probably mark directly over the face, as it doesn’t matter.

I have a stack of photos that I want my Aunt to help me identify who are in the pictures. Flip-Pal and Sketch will help me do that.

Lesson Learned: Sketch makes is so much easier to put names and other information onto a photo.


8 Responses to Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner – Sketch

  1. luvviealex says:

    I heard about this on Geneabloggers Radio show and was so excited and now I can see it – thank you.

    I am pea green with envy but also excited that I think I can order it from overseas now, yes?

    I’d better get to work to earn the money to buy it!

    • I was there and spent a little time with the Flip-Pal folks who were on Geneabloggers Talk Radio. The over seas issue was very important to them. I don’t know if you know Jill (Genea-Blogger from .AU) but she was in the room with they announced the over seas option.


  2. Alex,

    I just received an email you might be interested in:

    The Flip-Pal mobile scanner Valentine’s Day “Gift of Love” Sale
    Do you know someone that has shoeboxes of old photos that are waiting to be scanned? Perhaps a few heirloom items? What better way to show your love this Valentine’s Day then by giving them a Flip-Pal mobile scanner to preserve those memories!

    From February 8 through Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2012, you can make sure that their memories are safe and preserved—to share with future generations. Just use the coupon codes below when ordering on our shop page.

    Save $20 when you purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner plus a Deluxe Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case with Pocket (both items must be in your shopping cart).
    Use Coupon Code: LOVE12FP

    Save $30 when you purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner with Creative Suite Craft Edition DVD plus a Deluxe Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case with Pocket (both items must be in your shopping cart). Use Coupon Code: LOVE12CS

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    —The Flip-Pal mobile scanner Team
    Follow us on Youtube Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook
    Logo Flip-Pal mobile scanner, Fort Collins, CO 80525
    This email was sent to hrworth@gmail.com by flip-pal.com.

  3. I haven’t yet had a chance to try my Sketch yet. Love your approach of using two! Looks like I’m back in the market for another. Lol.

    PS It was great to meet you at RootsTech.

    • Michelle,

      That was my first attempt at Sketch. After doing the two scans, I was glad that I purchased the 2nd one. I wanted to let the newly cleaned one dry, just in case.

      I don’t know if you saw the Eye-Fi card. I just got one, but haven’t had a chance to try it out. I’ll blog about it tomorrow, probably.

      It was very nice to meet you. I have a great time, leaned lots.


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