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As you might know, I just returned from Salt Lake City, UT and Roots Tech 2012. Lots of topics, talks, chatting, looking a techie stuff and lots of other things, including talking to other Genea-Bloggers.

We heard a lot about Social Networking in many formats.

About an hour ago, My friend Midge Frazel, of Granite In My Blood, simply posted, on FaceBook “Quaker Family: Small Breakthrough”. Since I read and follow her blogs, I had to look, especially with my Quaker Roots.

Her “small breakthrough” had a link to the Quaker “Monthly Meeting” in Adrian, Michigan. I know that place. I opened my family file, went to Adrain in my file to verify who had an event there.


Elizabeth Willits married Samuel Leeds in Adrain. Elizabeth is my 2nd Great Grandmother.

Midge continued to say to do a Google Search in Google Books, as that is how she found more information. She posted a link http://www.michmarkers.com/startup.asp?startpage=L1844.htm

The Google Search found this article:

Friends’ review: a religious, literary and miscellaneous journal, Volume 31 and on page 825 was this article.


Samuel Leeds was her second marriage. She had previously married Henry Wilson Worthington.

Lesson Learned: The value of Social Media.


6 Responses to Facebook and Blogs

  1. Barb says:

    Russ, I read this with interest because I also have 11 individuals in my tree living in Adrian, but non match yours.

  2. Jenna says:

    That is fantastic! That’s why we do this. I was reading a post about social media on a professional site today. So many of the comments of the posted discounted social media as having any true value. You’ve just proven the point how valuable social media is!

  3. Midge Frazel says:

    My Facebook friend, Carolyn Stone, owns two books on the Adams and East Hoosik churches. Although, that is not your family Russ, I thought I’d demonstrate that another person read my FB message and has volunteered to help me.

    Thanks for the “shout-out”, Russ.


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