Flip-Pal at RootsTech 2012

Well RootsTech 2012 is in full swing. Lot’s going on and trying to keep focused and not overwhelmed.
I did have a chance to stop by a vendor booth for the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. I have had it for a little over a year and it’s great.
What got me to purchase it was a bad experience trying to take photographs of nicely folded up letters from my Great-Aunt, when she and her sister took my Dad from Pennsylvania to Brewster, New York. I needed a mobile scanner to have with me, when an opportunity to capture pictures or papers, as an option to using a camera.
My Genea-Blogger friend, and teacher, of http://granite-in-my-blood.blogspot.com/ introduced me to Flip-Pal.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner















I bought it, took it out of the box, and scanned a family Sampler that hangs on the wall where I do my do my research. The results were amazing. I uploaded the series of Scans onto Flickr. The first two pictures were taking with a camera. The issue here is the flash. Using Flip-Pal, a series of scans, where then “stitched” together with the software provided with the unit. The results are here:

Camera 1

So, I stopped by the booth to thank Diane Miller and Walt Grady for a wonderful product. They showed me three new options for the Flip-Pal. The first option is a Eye-Fi / WiFi card. I had looked that that card for my camera, but hadn’t done anything about it, but there it was again, but for the Flip-Pal. (didn’t by that yet). The next thing was a certain type of re-chargeable battery that they sell and have lots of success (when I get home). But the third option was a Flip-Pal Sketch sheet. That, I purchased and taking home.

I’ll post a blog on how to use this when I get home and have a project to do. I have the project of some old family photographs, of my grandparents wedding and I am not sure who all were in the wedding party. I think I know, but I know my Aunt will know.

So, think about this for a moment. I have these pictures to scan and I want my Aunt to identify the people. You place the Sketch Sheet over the photograph. With a WET ERASE PEN, you write the names on the Sketch Sheet, Scan that, remove the Sketch Sheet and scan again. What a concept. So simple, yet so logical (for me at least).

I ran into DearMYRTLE who bought 2. I did the same thing. Why: While the Flip-Pal is scanning the picture you just marked up, you are marking up the next one.

The reason I want to stop by, was to Thank them for a wonderful product, easy to use, mobile scanner.

The other really simple feature that the unit already has, is a business size pocket, on the back, to put a business card into.

Lesson Learned: When I first bought the Flip-Pal, I said that it was the best think since Sliced Bread. Well, the lesson for today, is that the Flip-Pal is now the Sliced Bread and the Flip-Pal Sketch Sheet is “the best thing since sliced bread”

3 Responses to Flip-Pal at RootsTech 2012

  1. Midge Frazel says:

    I wondered what the new “thing” was they had. Thanks. I bought rechargeable batteries and the charger at Target, the first week I had it.

    You can stop trying to make me famous. I laughed.

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