Have you done an Extensive Search?

I posted a story about a Book that was on my Wish List. That post was just the beginning of a journey for 2012.

Some of you may know that I use the Family Tree Maker program. Current Version is FTM2012. It has a new feature, TreeSync™. I had the genealogy information on my iPad2 to help with the research. Didn’t take too long, couple of minutes at best. I clicked, read, my daughter typed. It was all available to me. This isn’t the first time, since FTM2012 was made available, that I have done this same time.

Christmas Brunch was over, watching a couple football games, opening presents, basically, chillin’.

When I was looking at the tree, giving my daughter Names and Dates, one of those Shaky Leaves appeared, where I had not expected it to appear.

I have to be honest here, I haven’t actively done too much research for Capt. John Worthington for quite a while, as every time I do, I run into a brick wall, or bad information, information that I already had, already dismissed. Just hadn’t found something to help be identify who his parents were or where, besides “England” was he born.

The experience with Inferential Genealogy, and listening to Michael Hait of Planting the Seeds in a webinar and in person in his lecture “What Is a ‘Reasonably Exhaustive Search’?” with Michael Hait, CG”, reminds us to keep looking. Marian Pierre-Louis of http://rootsandrambles.blogspot.com and her Webinar for LegacyFamilyTree.com on Brick Walls: Cracking the Case of Nathan Brown’s Parents“, for this humble researcher are saying the same thing. Don’t Stop Looking.

The series that I posted here on Inferential Genealogy is Dr. Thomas Jones term. Working with that series of steps taught me a number of things on where to look for “stuff”. What might be important records to look at, where to find time. Looking at my own file, I have looked at the same things over time. Keep going back, but finding what I already found.

That Shaky Leaf (Thank you Ancestry.com) reminded me that I had NOT looked everywhere. In fact, in one series of records that I had spend some time with looking for David Ridgely Howard. That Shaky Leaf was for a Sons of the American Revolution application, for someone I didn’t know, but Capt John Worthington was listed.

The way the Ancestry AP works on the iPad2, didn’t let me see more than one page of the SAR. That paged did NOT mention Capt. John, but the Hint (Shaky Leaf) did.

Not wanting to spend any more time with this find, as I know it will take some time to work with the information. closed down the iPad2, ate a wonderful dinner, and headed back home.

I learned a lot over the past couple of months in how to better manage the data that I have. There are new features in Family Tree Maker that are new, some that I may not have used before, but to help me find David Ridgely Howard, will now be part of my research for the coming year. (starting later today).

In 2012, I am going to clean up my research, using the skills learned in 2011, use the tools within the program as well, and will start with that small Shaky Leave on that Ancestry AP.

I have a notion that this experience may also help with another Brick Wall that I have been working on.


My Question: Have you done an Extensive Search?


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