Veterans Day Tribute 2011

I posted something on Facebook that may have made no sense to anyone on Facebook. So, I thought I would expand on it here.

I said:

Veterans Day 2011– To all of those US Coast Guard crew members of CG Ron 3, as we prepared to get underway for our tours in Vietnam. I thank the crew of the CGC Halfmoon (WHEC-378) that we each did our duty to return home and for making a difference for those who we supported, especially the Soldiers and Marines who we provided cover for and the Navy ships that provided us with what we needed to do our assigned tasks.


The above is the Coast Guard Squadron 3 outboard of the USS Jason.

I was in the Coast Guard from 1964 to 1968 with most of my time on board the Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (WHEC378). In April 1967 we left Staten Island, New York for “an extended cruise”. After joining 2 other Coast Guard Cutters from the east coast, we journeyed to Hawaii. There we joined two other cutters.

There has not been two many times when 5 Coast Guard Cutters are in convoy across the Pacific from Hawaii to the Philippines.

From there we spread out to various assignments off of the Vietnam coast.

I wanted to Thank the crew of the CGC Halfmoon for all of the tasks that each of us had to do just to keep this “old” ship, some would have called it a rust bucket, running.

But our task was at least two-fold, 1) to do off shore support for the troops on the land, and 2) small boats, or river boats providing them with Fuel, Food, Films, Mail so that they could do their job.

TheCGC Halfmoon was 311 feet long. This let us get closer to the shore then the much larger navy ships.


This was a “82 footer” coming alongside for fuel. This cutter was running up and down the nearby river.

Now, the CGC Halfmoon doesn’t carry that much extra supplies, so we went further off shore to catch up with the Navy to take on Fuel, for ourselves and for sharing, for Ammo, for us and for sharing, Food, mail, and of course Movies.


We could pull up next to a Navy vessel, in this case the USS Arlington, to take on supplies. Some times it included transferring of people.


After taking on our supplies, we would return to the our positions off the coast of Vietnam.


I wanted to send Thanks to all of the crews of these ships for being away from families and friends, to work together to help keep our freedom.


The above was our traditional military warship returning from a WAR on January 22, 1968, fireboats and all.

To the Officers and Crew of the USCGC Halfmoon. Thank you. Job Well Done

HR Worthington – RM1


18 Responses to Veterans Day Tribute 2011

  1. Sharon Ellis says:

    Thanks for your service to our country, Russ!

  2. N. P. Maling says:

    Good job, Russ. one of my gf’s was in the Coast Guard, too, as well as the Navy. That last photo, with the fireboat is a nice sight. NPM.

    • N.P.M.

      The fireboats for a returning military ship is a long tradition. There is a story that goes with that, for us. We were Welcomed home from a War, while other military hero’s were not. Looking back and talking to others returning from Vietnam, those fireboats WERE the difference.

      Thank you,


  3. Thank you for the photo of the USS Jason (ARH-8) Russ. I was stationed onboard her during 1981 – 1984 while in San Diego and then changing homeports to Pearl Harbor.

    Visit my blog sometime: http:\\

  4. terry high says:

    Hi Russ. This is Terry high I came on board the coast guard cutter Halfmoon when she came back from Vietnam in sept. 1968. I was onboard till her last days in 1969. I was down in the engine room B1 most of the time working on the big engines. She was a great ship all 311 foot of her. drop me a line sometime to let me know if anybody is getting together. I live in Reading Pa call me I would love to here from you and some of the other crew members. 610 7804864 thank you

  5. Russ – Enjoyed everything that I’ve seen on the HALF MOON. I’d like to discuss one of your shipmates who recently passed away. If you could find the time to email me, it would be most appreciated.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Joseph L. Pires
    USS Bennington Historian
    Vietnam Veteran (1966-1968)
    Calabash, North Carolina or

  6. James Winick says:

    I sailed on the Half Moon in 1960 as a electronic tech 3rd class.
    I am very proud of the Half Moon.
    Thank you for your article.

  7. Calvin williams says:

    Russ, I have enjoyed your information you have shared about the Half Moon. I have a few pictures from our tour and will post them to share.
    Thanks Again,
    Calvin (Willy) Williams EM2 Feb. 1966 to February 1969

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Thank you for your comment. I have a project to redo a USCGC Halfmoon website or Blog. I have the material and the space, just need some time to put it together.


      • Bob Barnes says:

        Will be looking for that Russ, especially if you have the Vietnam yearbook.

        • Russ Worthington says:

          Mr Barnes,

          Yes sir, I do have the yearbook. I really should post more of that here. Also, I used to have a Website for the Halfmoon. I need to reconstruct it, now that I have a web domain and a place for the website.

          Thank you,


  8. Bob Loreng says:

    Russ I have had this on my computer as a favorite but never noticed there was a place for comments. Nice job, by the way. You were the quickest learner in the Radio Shack that I can remember.

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