Grandfather’s Place of work in 1916

I attend many Genealogy Webinars, online, hosted by Legacy Family Tree. I have learned much from attending these Webinar’s and want to thank Geoff Rasmussen for making these available.

Today, Thomas MacEntee, of did a webinar today called: It Is Well With My Soul: Finding Ancestors Amid the Rubble of Disaster and Misfortune.

He was going through a list of resources for “other” places to look if the normal resources don’t provide the information that you want. One very common website to visit in Cyndis List. A Great Website. But today he was very specific for Medical Disasters. I went to that website, and found the Sanatorium where my grandfather Worthington managed the farm for Dr. Miller.

I have been looking for the Name of it, as I knew the name Dr. Miller.

NEWBURGH:  Newburgh Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Est'd 1910.  
Capacity.35.Private. Med. Staff. Supt. R.A.Miller, M.D.

The above picture is all that was left of this Sanatorium in September 2003 when I took my parents to where my Dad was taken when he was 1 week old.

My grandfather moved there after he was married on 17 June 1915. So the Sanatorium had been around for 5 years. My grandparents, and my Dad returned to West Chester on Armistice Day.


I have a letter written by my Great  Aunt Anna (my grandmother’s sister) who helped my grandmother take my Dad, by train, from Philadelphia to Brewster, NY and this farm.

Don’t know much about this place, but at least I now have the Name of Dr. Millers Sanatorium.

3 Responses to Grandfather’s Place of work in 1916

  1. Patti Worthington says:

    Well done. I am so glad we got to take Dad there.

  2. cdbeachlog says:

    My name is Cindy Beach and I may have more information on this sanitorium if it indeed is the Mountainbrook Sanitorium on Milltown Rd Brewster, NY that was established by Dr. Henry W. Miller in 1914 . My family lived on this property from 1967 to 1977 as caretakers and knew Dr. Miller’s son Ralph very well. Please conatct me at if this is the same place and you would like more information. Thank you.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Way, way cool. My grandfather managed the farm for Dr Miller about 1915 to 1918. My wife’s grandparents are buried in the Milltown Road Cemetery. There were there about the same time.

      Thank you and will be in touch.


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