Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life–Clean Up

It was time to do some file clean up and conflict resolution within the file that I have created for this project.

In my effort to determine relationships, I recorded relationships and households from Census Records. Any other record that showed relationships I recorded it one place for each person. It is in the Note field for the Persons “preferred” name. This note field is for my use only.

I have privately published this file on Ancestry and an Ancestry Member Tree and it is not sync’ed with FTM2012. Very useful version of the program. But, that’s not the topic at hand. I bring it up, because these notes are not part of the AMT. Only in the file on my PC.

I have also been tracking Residence Facts, as found in Census Records in an EXCEL spreadsheet. This was done so that I was able to keep trick of who I had and had not found in Census Records. The way it was recorded, I am able to put households together, and to point out who came into the household or who left over time.

These two tools, were able to point very clearly who were the same person, but recorded differently over time. I had identified a number of “duplicate” individuals in my file and have now eliminated them, actually merged duplicate individuals. This lets me keep all of the data from the person who was being merged into another persons record. No data or citation information was lost.

Just to make sure of a couple of these merges, I went back to the Census Record to make sure that I had recorded the information correctly. Within my genealogy program, I have those images already, but in two cases I went back to the image on Ancestry. In looking at the actual Census Record, it appeared that the Index / name was recorded incorrectly. I did submit suggested changes to Ancestry.

For example: Nannie H vs Annie H. Looking at the image, it could have been Nannie or Annie. The young lady’s name was Ann H.

Within my program, there are a list of Tasks (To-Do Lists) that I created as I went along. Cleared a number of them during this process.

There is also a Data Error Report, that is customizable, so that I can see the types of errors that are obvious, that I may not have picked up, like a Marriage after a Death.

I have not taken the Data Error Report and added a number of items to the To-Do List. I find that easier to manage, then trying to work off of the Data Error Report. Yes, my To-Do list got shorter, but it is now longer again, but I can now focus on those Data Errors that need to be addressed now.

Lesson Learned: Use Tools within your Genealogy Program AND other software that you are comfortable with, to help accomplish the Goal. The 2nd Life Study Group talked a lot about how EXCEL or other spreadsheets helped.


2 Responses to Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life–Clean Up

  1. Russ, I’ve always been a big proponent of using spreadsheets to get your thought process sorted out … so I was very excited to read your post. I would love to see what you came up with to keep track of your census research! Should I wait for your SL presentation, or can I get a sneak peek? 🙂

    • Jenny,

      It really helped my clean up the other day. I am not tracking about 200 people in the spreadsheet. What I have done, is to just focus Census Records to two households. What I now know to be cousins. The spread sheet really helped with that. I think I have an image this blog about how I have keep track of the females.

      A quick look at the blog, and maybe I didn’t post the details of how I used the Spreadsheet. Let me see what I can do about that.

      Thank you,


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