Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life – Now What

The story is no where close to be complete. The blending of the findings from this study of Inferential Genealogy with my previous research will take some time.

There are a number of area’s within my database that needs to be updated.

I will now begin to put a presentation together for the Genealogy Group in 2nd Life. I will share with that group what our study of this process meant to me and share the journey that this project took me on over the past months.

The goal has been met, starting with only a name Ridgely Howard, but was able to connect to two families with their sons fighting in the Civil War together, and to connect them to my family line. A journey that had me looking at records I had not looked at before, but also learned more about each of the types of records that I used for this project.

Just a note, for the record: I want to thank the 2nd Life group for having the discussion about Inferential Genealogy and I want to thank Dr. Thomas Jones for making this process available to us, online.

Thank you.


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