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Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life–Map

Having reviewed a number of Census Records for this project, and the brief visit to Baltimore last week, I wanted to put things into perspective. What better way then a map.


Each of the hi-lighted streets are where these households were located. Family Names are in these streets. Eager, Read. The John Eager Howard monument is on Monument Street. Certainly the people I have found in the search of this project must have had an impact on the area.

Lesson Learned: Look at a map

3 Responses to Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life–Map

  1. I hadn’t thought about doing that for census records. Thank you for the tip! Although I will have a challenge in a couple of the localities where they renamed/renumbered the streets. Still a very worthwhile activity!

  2. Michelle,

    You are welcome. I am about to post a follow up on this one. I was looking for a specific street. The street name was not clear on the Census Record. I make the post to see how I figured out what the street name was.


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