Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life –Revolutionary War Records

One thing that this study has done for me, is to get me to look into records that I have not used before.

Earlier I had mentioned Civil War Records. Still working on them. What has been interesting is reading a book about the 1st and 2nd Maryland C.S.A. that David Ridgely Howard was a part of. This book documents the activities of the unit, and the CW documents for him complements that book.

I have gone back to the notion and James Wallace (Union Soldier) and David Ridgely Howard’s ancestors were in the Revolutionary War together, with George Washington.

As I have developed the family units in Baltimore, there are a couple of people that might be the same people or they may be two different people.

Doing a search for a couple of people in the file, I found five (5) Revolutionary War SAR applications. I spent all of today entering about 200 pieces of information on just 3 of these applications. It has helped separate the families and has given some clear indication of how the people in my file are related, especially against the Census Records that I have looked at.

I’ll get back to the Civil Was tomorrow, as I have found some very interesting information about this family line or lines. Some good documentation of just how many brothers and cousins were in the Civil War AND why they chose to serve in the C.S.A., That’s a story for another day.

2 Responses to Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life –Revolutionary War Records

  1. Sharon Ellis says:

    Do you have a genealogy list of the Maryland Howard family? I haven’t made it through all your back blogs, yet, and wondered if you could point me in the right direction so I could look at it, if you do have one posted.


    • Sharon,

      Sorry, I don’t have a list of the Maryland Howard Families. I am researching them, but I haven’t run across a “list”. Of course, I haven’t been looking for a list.,, are where you might want to search.

      There are many Howard families in Maryland as they have been there for many years.



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