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Recently, I received a query as a comment to a posting here. It then dawned on me, Why Not?

I will go back through the Comments and post those Queries HERE.

What is very helpful, is to provide as much information as possible:





Your Email contact information:

If you see a query, either from the NewsLetters of as Blog Queries, please post any information you might have.

Any queries will have Blog Queries at the Subject line. I will create a new Page where you can post the Query to me and I will repost them here with your contact information.

Will give this a try and see how it goes.

Thank you,


2 Responses to Blog Queries

  1. Sharon Ellis says:

    Hi Russ,

    Have been enjoying your posts about D. Ridgely Howard, since stumbling across your note after hearing his name on a Civil War program. I’m hoping that one of the Howard descendants will recognize something from the information I list below and can help me with one of my Howard brickwalls.

    My 4th great grandmother was Sarah R. Howard who married Lyman Merriman (from Wallingford, CT) in Scott County, Kentucky, near Georgetown and Lexington, KY. I’ve always thought that Sarah was probably one of the Maryland Howards, but have not been able to find much, as the Scott Co, KY courthouse burned twice in the 1800s, destroying most of the records. Sarah is documented as having been born in Scott Co. 1794-95, in a short bio of her husband and his brother documented in “Early Settlers of Sangamon Co., IL”, which is where Sarah moved with her husband’s family around 1830. She died there in 1869, and her inscription reads “Sally Merriman”.

    Of course, I’ve wondered if her middle name could be Ridgely. There was a John Howard, also listed as John B Howard in the 1800 Scott Co, KY census and as John Bazel Howard in the 1820 Scott Co, I have no proof that this was her father, but he was the only Howard I could find in Scott Co. at that time.

    Also, in 1810, John Howard witnessed the will of Henry Clarvo(e), one of the Catholic Marylanders who had emigrated to Scott Co. There is a fascinating story associated with the Catholic Church recruiting the younger sons of early Maryland families to settle in the areas where the Church wanted to build new churches, and the Howard family was part of the league of sixty Catholic Maryland families who agreed to emigrate to Kentucky together. I can elaborate on that, if anyone is interested. Edward Howard led an group of these families from Maryland to Pottinger’s Creek near Bardstown in 1787, blazing a trail on the trees from Louisville through the forest, a trail that was used by emigrants coming through to Nelson Co., KY, later.

    Sarah R Howard Merriman named her children: Madison Maurice; Sarah J.; Elvira; Cordelia L.; and Mary A. Some of her grandchildren were named: Cordelia Frances; Elizabeth A; Emily (Emma) R; Laura; Lyman Parker; Mary Susan; Sarah. I can locate her other grandchildren’s names, in the event that these are family names used in other Howard families that might provide clues.

    Sharon Ellis

    • Sharon,

      I have lots more information on David Ridgely Howard, but am working on more of his story.

      Last weekend, we visited Gettysburg and the Bus Tour Guide knew the names of Ridgely and his two brothers who were also at Gettysburg. I went to Culp’s Hill where he was wounded the first time.

      I am working on how to present my findings and will continue to post information here. AND I do hope that others contribute to their story.

      I even worked, in the 1970’s, very near to where Ridgely and his siblings lived in the 1800’s – 1900’s.

      There are Worthington’s that also went into Kentucky from Maryland.

      Thank you for your comments.

      .. more to come …


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