Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life – Where Else ?

In one of the items I looked at today, I ran across the location of a burial. Since I contribute to Find-A-Grave, I thought I would check out this cemetery. Also, I have visited a number of cemeteries in Baltimore County and surrounding counties in Maryland.

Low and behold, there was my ‘Revolutionary’ War person. Still working on a firm connection between David Ridgely Howard and General John Eager Howard I think this may be the link between the two pieces of this branch of my tree.


General John Eager Howard (1752 – 1827). Former Governor of Maryland. Even ran for Vice President of the United States.

Will probably post more information about this gentleman if I am able to prove that there is a connection between him and David Ridgely Howard.

Find-A-Grave has been or is a good resource of information. I was certainly not disappointed when I looked at Find-A-Grave. There was a lot of text on the page for the general. Right there was a hint for other places to look.

One of the nice things about Find-A-Grave, especially if a genealogist has posted information with the memorial, is to provide links to other family members. Looking at this one page, gave me hints for 3 generations.

More names to put into the puzzle, more common surnames with some of the females, all early Maryland surnames.

I am hoping for another visit to Baltimore to visit the cemetery and probably another visit to the Maryland Historical Society and Library. Really would like to translate the Census locations to the real, current, world locations.

It was a good reminder to look at websites like Find-A-Grave for information. Some times, like this one, had dates and relationships in the data that might be on a headstone. I know that as a contributor to Find-A-Grave, I have helped others and this time someone really helped me.


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