Conrad Weiser Homestead

So, we are driving to The National Civil War Museum this morning and see a sign for the Conrad Weiser Homestead. Where do I know that name from. Though I have driven this road (I-78) many times, the sign was different this time. “I know that sign”, it’s referring to something I read or heard from Genealogist “Dear MYRTLE”. I hope I am remembering this correctly. But, just kept driving for my own search.

Having spent some time at the National Civil War Museum, it wasn’t the Museum I was interested in. It was a Re-Enactment / Encampment that got me there. I was looking for D. Ridgely Howard. But that’s another story.

The museum was great, short and sweet, but that lead to two book stores. Nothing (yet) at the book stores, so we were on our way home quicker then expected. There was that sign again. My car just HAD to follow the signs. We ended up here:

The homestead was not open, but there also was no one around. So, I just walked around. The story about this place and Conrad Weiser is not mine to tell. However here are a couple of photos from the walk-about.


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