Inferrential Genealogy Process – Finding D. Ridgely Howard

So, where have I been lately?

Working on a Cemetery Project for a local Historical Society. I’ll use that excuse for now. But, back to the quest for finding D. Ridgely Howard as part of the Inferrential Genealogy Process.

While reading Face Book, Dear MYRTLE mentioned a book store that she couldn’t get away from on a recent trip to central Pennsylvania.

Since this Civil War veteran may be a distant relative, I have been watching the Civil War activity, also on Face Book. Of interest has been the The National Civil War Museum. Checking out the websites from Face Book, I realized that they both were in Harrisburg, PA.

On the Calendar of Events was this entry:

Living History Encampment – 1st Maryland Battalion, Company A, CSA

Now, who could miss this event.

Think its time to pay a visit to Harrisburg stopping in both places. We’ll see if there is more information on D. Ridgely Howard at the Encampment and/or Book Store.

Thank you Dear MYRTLE !!!


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