Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life – Search Broadly #2

The History Channel had a program on Gettysburg. Ridgely Howard, of Baltimore, Maryland was mentioned as part of the Maryland Battalion. His father served in the Revolutionary War and served with George Washington

“His father served in the Revolutionary War” statement has been of concern to me. The time frame doesn’t match up.

So, I returned to my genealogy database, as I knew I had some Revolutionary War veterans in there somewhere.

I looked at my Howard’s, specifically Of the 8 male Howard’s, I found 3 of them married a Ridgely. Did I miss something in my first glance at my file?

Joseph Howard married Rachael Ridgely, but Joseph died in 1777.

Brice Howard married Anne Ridgely, but Brice died in 1799.

Thomas Cornelius Howard married Eleanor Ridgely, but he died in 1801

All three were sons of Cornelius Howard and Rachael Ridgely Worthington.

Note: Naming pattern.

Note: A Worthington, Ridgely, Howard connection.

Brice Howard was a Captain of the Anne Arundel Militia in 1776

Thomas Cornelius was an Ensign in Captain Brice Howard’s Company

Henry C. Paden, Jr., Revolutionary Patriots of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (Family Line Publications, Rear 63 East Main Street, Westminister, Maryland 21157 – 1992), Philadelphia Genealogical Society Library, Page 101.


So, there is some validity to the Note about an ancestor being in the Revolutionary was, but also rules out the “father” piece of the statement used in the TV program.


5 Responses to Inferential Genealogy Study Group in 2nd Life – Search Broadly #2

  1. Stacey Chaney Bianco says:

    I just watched the Gettysburg program, and was riveted, as D. Ridgeley Howard is also a relative of mine! I am writing to correct you on the point that has lef you confused. Ridgeley’s FATHER did not serve under George Washington, but rather his GRANDFATHER. According to my grandmother’s geneaology records, this would likely have been Captain Vachel Denton Howard. Or it could have been Vachel’s brother James Howard. Both men were Continental Line Officers, although my records only indicate that Vachel served under General Washington.


  2. .10 Aug 1764.1828.Aged 64 Yrs Daughter of Charles Greenberry Griffin Sarah Ridgely In memory of … Jeremiah Crabb Elizabeth Ridgely Griffin In the 68th year of her age Our Mother Consort of Philemon Griffith..

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