Alaska Cruise – 05/14/11

Arrived in Juneau. Originally, Juneau was a fishing outpost for the local Tlingit Indians until gold was discovered by Chief Kowee of the Auk Tlingit Tribe. More stories about gold and a town that sells diamonds.

We had to split up again. Jenn, Patrick, and Carrie went on an early Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Quest. Patti and I went on the next tour. In fact we passed on the dock as they were getting off and we were getting on. Two very different experiences, however. They had am up close and personnel view of a humpback whales. They saw a number of whales, including one with a calf.

Patti and I saw Orca’s, two or three pods of them. Another awesome experience. We went a little further and saw a her of seals just hanging out on the shore line. We later saw two humpback whales, perhaps a couple of the ones that the rest saw.

After the 3 hours jet boat ride, our bus took us the Mendenhall Glacier. Wow. One of the rangers told us that some of the local fishermen would come up to the glacier lake that is there, pick up some ice, and use it, as it would last a couple of days.

Back on board the Disney Wonder, we saw Toy Story, the Musical. Very cool show.


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