Alaska Cruise – 08/13/95

SUN. 8/13 We arrive in Vancouver, B.C. at 7 AM after going through the Straits of Georgia and under the Lion Gate Bridge. It was neat to see Stanley Park and the bridge from a different angle. The sight of Canada Place made you realize this great trip was almost over. Canada Place is considered to be one of the best places to embark or disembark.

Everything is so well organized. We were directed to our bus for Seattle. From there on, mass confusion at the Seattle Airport. We went round and around before we could park the bus. It was even difficult to get on the plane. We made it and had a stop at Denver’s new airport. We arrived home at 1:15 AM and the little car was still there.

The ship and the crew were just great. The food was superb. We have fond memories of Youngkie, our Indonesian dining steward. His service was excellent and he always had a smile. This was his last trip on the Rotterdam in his apprenticeship as a dining steward. He is going on the Statendam for further training. Good Luck.

Our cabin steward, Bang Bang, would come and go into our cabin and have it in apple-pie order any time we went back. He must have had magic eyes to know when we would return. Many thanks to Marilyn and her group for taking such good care of us.


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