Alaska Cruise – 05/12/11

Note: have attempted to upload photos, but am not able to with this connection. Sorry

Another day at sea. 2nd morning with whale sightings. Can’t get any better than this. The day started bright and sunny, but, as we have heard many times, wait, it will change.

Today is our day to make a visit, but will stay onboard. We are went to Tracy Arm, as Glacier. As we approached our destination, we saw ice bergs that were incredibly blue. Now, please understand my view of an ice berg is much different from what we saw here. I was in the North Atlantic Ocean, chasing Ice Bergs. Even hit one. There were ice cubes, very large ice bergs.

As we approached Tracy Arm, it started to rain. But, who is going to go inside, where it is warm, when you are approaching such a site.

Tracy Arm was awesome. As we were able to depart, we saw at least “calving”. That is very large chunks of ice sheared off of the front of the Glacier. Wait until you see the pictures. I have a series of photos what show this process. What a sight. Doesn’t get any better than this.

I guess that Amazing and Awesome are words frequently used on this cruise.


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