Alaska Cruise – 05/11/11

Disney Wonder

Day 1 at Sea aboard the Disney Wonder.

Well, it doesn’t get any better then this. Day 1 first thing in the morning, we have already seen whales. At a distance, but with each of us “experienced” Cape Cod and Cape May Whale Watches, we knew what to look for. And we had an escort of dauphins, a bunch of them. No, we aren’t going home yet, but that is what we came to see.

After spending 39 months on board a ship, and having done a number of Underway Replentishment (grocery shopping at sea), I now know what is feels like to be on the Big boat, like an aircraft carrier. The Wonder is 3 times as big as the US Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (WHEC-378), which I served on, including a trip to Vietnam. Those of us on the Halfmoon knew we were small against the USS Annapolis, which who brought us groceries, ammo, fuel, mail, and movies while we were in Vietnam.

Carrie went on a boat tour and the newest Disney Ship is 4 times the size of the Halfmoon. But, I had to keep reminding the family was that “when you are at sea, you will be painting”. Yup, the Wonder was getting some new paint, and some cleaning of some of the railing. Maybe they’ll believe me now. (have pictures).

We have had a great day. Doing nothing, great food, just “hanging out”. And near the end of today, we saw more whales.

As I mentioned earlier, we had a birthday today. It’s Patti’s birthday. Didn’t celebrate too much, but the week is early.

We wondered how quickly someone would recognize Jennie’s sweatshirt. It is a pink one, with Ort Farms, on the back. It’s where she works. Well, it didn’t even take a day before someone came up to Jenn and said “I know Ort Farms.” We’ll send her boss a bill for  a week of free advertisement.

Carrie and Patrick


One Response to Alaska Cruise – 05/11/11

  1. Ele says:

    looks like you guys are having a great time. Give Pati a Happy Birthday hug for me!

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