Alaska Cruise – 08/01/95

As we are preparing for OUR trip, these next blog posts will be from a log that my mother recorded in one of her many notebooks of stories.

This first entry, begins on Tuesday, August 1, 1995. Interesting note, that our Disney Cruise will begin on a Tuesday and that someone in the family celebrates a birthday.

TUES.8/1 Beautiful clear day. Up at 4:15. Bus leaves AAA at 5:30. Left the little car in the AAA lot under the shade. Flight 1543 to Chicago flying at 8:00. Off on time on a 757. Cloudy at O’Hare. Got right into the terminal in spite of heavy traffic. Our next flight is 10:00 CDT. Sun is out now and we take off at 10:10 into a cloud cover. Out going traffic heavy as we are air-borne at 10:20. Land in Seattle at 11:55 PDT. We arrive at the Seattle Airport Hilton 1:10.

Clear and 75 degrees. Saw Mt. Rainier 100 miles away. I took a nap. Dinner of soup and sandwich 20.00 !!! Wine and Cheese party at 7:30 to 8:30. Appears to be a fun group about 38 if they all get to Seattle.

Note: Some pictures of this cruise were posted here: Pending Cruise In Alaska


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