Finding a Sanitarium

I have been looking for information about WHY my grandfather worked on a farm in South East, Putnam County, New York. Have visited the property and knew who the Doctor who was the owner. Searching for what I know would not provide the NAME of the sanitarium. The rumor was that it was a place for Civil War soldiers.

While attending the New England Regional Genealogy Conference, I stopped by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society booth and asked “where can I find more.” While telling the story, asking my question, I was reminded to look at in the Census.

Well, I had, because I was looking at the 1910 Census Record for my grandfather. Couldn’t find him and didn’t go back nor try to find him. The very nice people at the table, said “did you check the census record”. What I was reminded was to go back and look for the Doctor. I only knew the Doctor’s surname.

Found a couple of likely hints in my search, looked that a record that had the most correct information. It was a ‘hint’ for a female. Looking at the Census Record had the female (wife), AND the Census Record was a little difference, in that it was on a separate page, what appeared to be at the end of the Census Record for that town. It was a complete listing of everyone who was either employed there, patients, and lived on the property.

Still looking at Census Records for my grandfather again, in 1910 when he should be there, the town, nor neighboring towns wouldn’t come up. Oh to find that census record.

In a lecture at NERGC given by Sharon Sargeant, she reminded us to go back and look at where you have already looked. After all, you probably have more information when you looked that “last time”. This was a great example, to go back and look.


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