In Search of … Montmorenci

I continue to search for the links between two unique stair cases, from two houses, both named Montmorenci.

Yesterday, I listened to a Webinar, sponsored by Legacy Family Tree on Newspapers: Critical Resource to Complete Your Family Tree. The presenter was Thomas Jay Kemp. The Webinar can be found here:

Mr. Kemp, is a librarian, lecturer, newspaper expert, and the mover and shaker of

He mentioned a number of times, ‘don’t forget to search the newspapers’. What a great reminder. So I did.

I have only just begun to search for my mystery (or should i say mysteries) and have fond out that there are many “Montmorenci’s” around, and a couple of French nobles that have that name. A Walk in Canada, and cities / towns in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and I am sure I’ll find more.

So far, on the Maryland Montmorenci, I found a Obituary of a young child who died there, and a couple of other events that took place with names of the owners of Montmorenci. The names are known to me, but all the more reason to Not to Forget to look in the Newspapers.

Thank you Legacy and Mr. Kemp.


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