Alaska Cruise – August 2000 – Day 3

Saturday, August 12, 2000

Off to Denali 7:15. On the car “Deshka “. It is clear. We are waiting to have breakfast on the train. Quite a nice group of young people aboard, early teens mostly. We do not have a table in front of us as before but do have great seats.

Henry HAD “Greatland Special”, buttermilk pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, coffee. I had “Brakeman’s Special”. Finally pulled out at 8:15. At 9:30 had lunch. At 10:15 going thru some pretty country we got a glimpse of Mt. McKinley, very snowy and pretty in the sunshine. This would be our only glimpse of the mountain, but how striking! RR repair crew at Kashwitna. Lots of paper birch here. Stopped to let the Asian group get off for a grass roots Festival and another group of travelers got on.

During lunch of soup and sandwich, ice cream with berry sauce. They use a lot of berry combos. The scenery is great. Saw McKinley, and Eldridge Glacier (train employee chatter).

They were 50 to100 miles away but the snow on top sure showed where they were. Later had to wait for a train to pass. It had people on it going south. It is customary to do a “moose wave” as they go by. This we did and they did too. Breaks up the “monotoney”. Crossed the Continental Divide at Summit Pass. Here the waters split, one going east the other west .

On to Denali, weather changing into drops. After shopping it stops. Got cards and T-shirt. Into our rooms, then took shuttle back to Lodge. Were doing fine until my left eye decided to kick up with a white spot on the lower lid Tried to find baby shampoo but no luck. The rain was miserable. Went back to room.

We go on a Natural History tour in the park at 7 tomorrow morning. Have taken lots of pictures, I hope.


2 Responses to Alaska Cruise – August 2000 – Day 3

  1. I’m very intersted to know … what’s a ‘moose wave’?

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