Alaska Cruise – August 2000 – Day 1

Taken from a Travel Notebook of Louise Strode Worthington (1916 – 2010)

This documents a trip that Louise and Henry Worthington took with AAA on a President Cruise to Alaska in August 2000. This information was scanned and reformatted for the purpose of sharing with the family. Where appropriate, notes in the margins or on the pages are noted. Re-formatting has also been done as this was done on Mom’s typewriter, as was her custom.

Thursday, August 10, 2000 – Day 1

Clear, hot and hazy. Rapid Rover pick-up on time for an 8:30 flight on Northwest Airlines to Minneapolis / St. Paul next to U.S. Air.

Guess who we saw getting off the shuttle, Dick and Toni on their way to San Diego to see Rick. What a surprise!

Checked our bags and then on to Security. We made it thru there after Henry took off his fanny pack. Our picture ID-passports were needed at the check-in.

At 8:40 we are waiting in line with 15 others to take off. Huge UPS planes also in line with us. Off at 9:05 Sun is out, a bit hazy. Plane is Airbus seating 3 and 3. Had breakfast at 10:15, cheerios, Juice, coffee, Bagel, jam, banana, Cream cheese.

Flying high, 32,000 ft. clouds below but sun is bright. Descending at 10:45. Should be in port at 10:25. Landed at 11:45 EDT, 10:20 CDT. Plenty of time to get to Gate 29 for 11:45 flight to Anchorage.

Beautiful day to fly. On a 757 but are waiting for more fuel. Starting off at 12.15 but back to the “starting gate” Trouble with the wheel well. Electrical “glitch” Plane is FULL Off again at 1 CDT.

5 ½ hour flight to Anchorage. Supposed to have had lunch. It is now 1:30. Have peanuts and drink. Dinner will be a bit late. Try for 3PM, chicken, mixed veg. roll, milk, ice cream. Coffee anytime.

Landed in Anchorage at 6:30 Alaska time. Saw many glaciers and ice fields as we approached Haines and our descent to Anchorage. It was a beautiful sight. Holland America picked up luggage and took us by bus to our hotel, the Hilton.

There is a 4 hour time difference. (one hour later than Seattle) We checked in and then met our Tour Director, Barbara Hahn. She would remain with us until we got to the ship. Be ready by 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Ate at the Snow Goose and had Pizza. Good. Clear. Did Shop for Lorraine’s Bells. Found two. She will have to choose. Still light at 10:30 ADT. Moon came up about 2 A.M.


2 Responses to Alaska Cruise – August 2000 – Day 1

  1. Gini Webb says:

    I love this Russ…sure wish all of our ancestors journaled about their daily life, vacations, and events.

    I have been trying to make journaling a daily habit, even if I write only a few lines about my day and note the weather. I am in hopes that future descendants will be able to get a sense of our lives in the 21st Century!

    Looking forward to reading more about Louise Strode Worthington’s vacation. We just took a cruise in October 2010, the cruise line was…Holland America! They were great.

    Thank you for a great post cuz!

    • Gini,

      Thank you. Working on the rest of the trip now. We, 5 of us, are going on a Disney Cruise to Alaska in May. We are excited. We get to experience much of what my folks did 11 years ago.

      As keeping a journal, “Not Me”, says I, but what is a Blog.

      The biggest loss of a Journal, was actually Letters between my Dad’s father and his siblings. Can’t find them, and no one knows where they went. I know they existed. My Great Grandfather also was a writer. I have letters “home” from the Civil War. His wife’s family wrote as they travelled from New Jersey west on the Oregon Trail.

      Anyway, more material for another day.

      Thank you,


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