Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 7 Fall 1983 – Robert Worthington

Researching ROBERT WORTHINGTON B. ca. 1811, Indiana war perhaps three times  (1) METILDA LAWRENCE, 1833; Alexander Co. Ill.; (2) RACHEL DEXTER 1841 Alexander Co. Ill.; (3) CATHERINE HAWES  (nee CASTER) First two marriages only guess. On 1850 Pulaski Co. Ill, census, children per census ELIZABETH 1835, Ky.; LUCINDA 1841, Ky.; BENJAMIN 1845, Ky. and twin RACHEL; ROBERT 1847, Ky.; NANCY 1850 KY.; ROBERT WORTHINGTON 1855/56, Pulaski or Alexander Co. Ill: Merle Stevens, 1707 Third, Brownwood, Tex, 76801


7 Responses to Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 7 Fall 1983 – Robert Worthington

  1. Denise Chatham says:

    I am also researching this family. I am descended from Robert’s nephew, also called Robert.

  2. Sotalia says:

    I have quite a bit of information on Robert’s ancestry and some info on his descendants. I can either share with you and you can pass it on or this person is welcome to contact me.

    Thanks, Russ!

    • Russ Worthington says:


      You can certainly share that here, in comments.

      Do you have a Blog or an Online Tree? If you do, please share a link with us.

      Thank you,


      • Sotalia says:

        I have a public Ancestry tree and this is Robert in my tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7454552/person/24217414181

        This tree is not complete, however. I have a document sent to me by another researching offering far more detail and complete with source material that goes back to their Quaker roots. I haven’t been focusing on the more distant ancestry quite yet as I am still stuck on poor Robert the younger and trying to find out what happened to him in Texas. The details for him are sketchy.

        That’s how I found you, btw. A friendly researcher in Dallas found your newsletter on file at the library and I googled you.


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