Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 3 Fall 1983 – “Amazing” Grace Hopper

Bette’s Column: “A Living Lady Worthington Decendants Subscriber”[i]

Capt. Grace Hopper, is the Navy’s oldest active officer. She is 76 and says she is something of a character, and has spent years getting to be one. She was on “60 minutes” and said, “Why would I want to be an admiral?” I’d have to be dignified and that wouldn’t be any fun. She now has a public relations assignment from her superiors in Washington. She is a wonderful image figure for our young people, speaks of the potential of young people, the joys of learning, the need for risk-taking.  Capt. Hopper says she’s already received the highest award I could ever want. That has been the privilege and responsibility of serving very proudly in the United States Navy. She taught at Vassar for 12 years, and was an assistant professor of math at Barnard College when she left in December, 1943, to enlist in the Naval Reserves as a WAVE. We are mighty proud to have you with us Capt. Hopper.

[i] A photo of “Capt. Grace Hopper, the Navy’s oldest active officer” was included


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