The Cheyney House

The Cheyney House:

Great Grandparents Home

The current owners were most welcoming to open their home for 4 strangers who pulled into their driveway, last Friday afternoon.

Here is what I was looking for:

It was here ...

Who knows what it looked like in 1916, but I can’t imagine that it was too different.

I now have a copy of a letter that two of the daughters, who lived in this house at some point in their lives, took the baby from here to Brewster, NY when the baby was 5 weeks old.

Thank you, Nancy and Rob


3 Responses to The Cheyney House

  1. Ah ha! The room! Visions of it in 1916 and trying to feel what emotions you must have felt! Awesome!

  2. Cheryl,

    Not to tip my hand, but the kicker was a letter that I found 2 hours after these pictures were taken. It was a letter from my Grandmothers sister back home about the train trip and arrival ‘home’ in Brewster, NY 5 weeks after my Dad was born.

    Will post it later.

    Yes, it was very exciting, within days of the 4th anniversary of my Dads passing and within days of my parents wedding anniversary.



  3. […] Our visit was documneted in this blog: During the visit to the Cheyney House: […]

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