Saturday Day Night Genealogy Fun – Your UGG

The Weekly Challenge from Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings

Here is his message:

It’s Saturday Night again – are you ready for some Genealogy Fun? I thought so.

Here is your assignment if you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music):

1) Answer these questions:

* What is your UGG – your “Ultimate Genealogy Goal” for the genealogy research that you wish to leave to your heirs, descendants and the genealogy community?

  • My UGG is to determine the Parents of Capt. John Worthington (1650 – 1701)
  • To clear up the many versions of who his parents really are

* How long do you think you have have left to fulfill this ultimate goal?

  • It is hoped that a family gathering in October 2009 will start to break down this brick wall
  • Worthington researchers are meeting this fall to visit Worthington properties in the Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia area
  • Researchers from England and the US will be present

* Are you prioritizing your time adequately in order to achieve this goal?

  • If you call “Patiently waiting” adequate time, yes.

* If not, what should you do to achieve the goal?

  • The next step would be DNA testing
  • The Worthington Association has a DNA project underway now, so I am told

* Will you do what you need to do?

  • Oh, Yeah !!! as long as I can afford it

2) Tell us about it in a blog post on your own blog, or in comments to this post or on Facebook.
Task completed.

Thank you Randy


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One Response to Saturday Day Night Genealogy Fun – Your UGG

  1. Charlene says:

    I would be very interested in meeting with other Worthington researchers, my family descends from Samuel WORTHINGTON & Mary TOLLEY buried St. Ann Churchyard Cemetery, Worthington Valley, MD

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