New Worthington Query Information

Since Blogs are for the Blogger to share information, it does not lend itself to post and reply to a Reader’s Query. This blog has Queries, that have been around for a while. You are most welcome to reply to those Queries if you have information. But, it’s not easy for a reader to post a new Query.

As you may know, there are many places to post Queries for your Family History research. There is another opportunity for you to do so. The Genealogy Wise Social Network has been set up. There is also a Worthington Surname presence on Genealogy Wise.

I thought it might be helpful if there was a standard Query format to use when posting a Query here. Organizing Query or your brick wall information:

Thanks to GeneJ at Genealogy Wise, the Most Wanted Ancestorrs Lost and Found Group.

There is a file, on the Worthington Surname Group page, this Discussion Topic

New Worthington Query Information

There is a like to a Text file that can be downloaded for you to complete.

Then using Select All (CTRL+A), Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) in the body of the message.

Composer for the structure of this note!

Please start a NEW Disussion for each Query. The Discussion Title should be in the format of:

SURNAME, Given Name (YYYY – YYYY) Location > Location

Example: Worthington, John (1650 – 1701) England > MD

Don’t forget to select FOLLOW at the bottom of the Discussion Page once it is posted so that you will receive and Email when someone replies. If you have a question about a brick wall ancestor, please consider the following questions to help us help you more quickly. Fill in what you know; don’t worry if you don’t know something. ________________________________________________________________________ Your Genealogy Wise Name:

What information do you want to find?

Person in question:
SURNAME, Given Middle “Nickname”:
Birth Date and location:
Death Date and location:

Father’s name:
Mother’s name:
Sibling names:
Marriage Date and location:

Spouse’s SURNAME, Given Middle “Nickname”:
Spouse Birthdate and Location:
Spouse Death date and location:
Spouse’s Father’s Name:
Mother’s name:
Children, census, or other pertinent details:

Please describe what you’ve tried and why you think you have not been able to crack the case? _________________________________________________________________________________

It is hoped that others will join our group and post replies to your question.

Thank you


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