Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 2, Page 6 – Worthington, Benjamin

SKETCH OF BENJAMIN WORTHINGTON: 19 Dec. 1742 in Byberry Pa. He was s/o John Worthington and Mary Walmsly. They had eleven children. He died 31 March 1813. In 1781 he was a private in the Philadelphia Co. Militea. Issue: Enos; Joshua; Mahlon; John; James; Benjamin; Hannah: Martha; Asa; Benjamin mar. Hannah Malone D/O Patrick Malone and Hannah Beal of Bucks Co. Pa


6 Responses to Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 2, Page 6 – Worthington, Benjamin

  1. Hi Russ,

    Wrote to you a few times before. The subject of the sketch above is my maternal 4x G-Grandfather. I have documentation of most of the information you presented (much of it from the archives at Swarthmore), except for “In 1781 he was a private in the Philadelphia Co. Militea”. Any chance you have on file the source for that part? (Not doubting – just like to have copies of the documents for my files). That’s an interesting piece of information.

    Thanks, Eric

    • Eric,

      I checked what I have on Benjamin, and only a reference in:

      William W. H. Davis, A.M., Genealogies and Personal History of Bucks County Pennysylvania (Genealogical Publishing County, Baltimore, 1975), Warren County Library, Bellevidere, New Jersey, Page 721.

      I will look further so see what else I might have on him that are not in my database yet.


  2. David Worthington says:

    I am looking for a Benjamin Worthington that was born in Philadelphia sometime between Dec 31, 1774 and Jan 1 , 1775. He was married to Elizabeth “Betsey” Porter in 1809. He migrated from PA to OH and died in Ohio on May 16, 1855.

    I am looking for information on his parents – they are not listed anywhere and i am trying to determine who his parents are.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      I looked in two of my Worthington databases and don’t see the Benjamin and Elizabeth “Betseu” you referred to. I have a number of Benjamin’s in both my Byberry Worthington database and my Robert “the Quaker” Worthington database, but not yours.

      The Robert “the Quaker” Worthington line came into West Jersey and migrated to Ohio.

      If you have any more information on Benjamin, please post it here and I can look further.

      My “Byberry” Worthington’s, at least in my database, stayed mostly in eastern Pennsylvania.


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